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Australian Cannabis Grow Guides

Do We Have a Simple Outdoor Grow Guide?

If your just after a simple cannabis grow guide for the Australian outdoors, we have you covered. Our outdoor marijuana growing guide is short, to the point and easy to follow. We all know that out in the Australian bush, things can get pretty tough when growing – especially alone. Thats where we come in. We aim to make your growing experience a breeze by providing you the right information from the start.

The article linked above is great to read to learn how to get good yields of quality pot. We also cover indoor cannabis grows but the information we have is currently limited.

Our main focus at this stage is to cover as much ground on growing cannabis outdoors in Australia. Once we have done that, we will move on to covering more info on growing cannabis indoors.

Outdoor Australian Cannabis Grow Guide

If you want a comprehensive yet simple guide on how to grow marijuana outdoors in Australia, please click here. The article linked covers just about everything you need to know to do a basic yet high yielding grow outdoors. Make sure you fully analyse the article before you grow to get optimum results.

If that article isn’t extensive enough, we will happily recommend the free eBook from ILGM “Marijuana Grow Bible“. This grow bible literally covers everything you need to know to grow the best bud in town.

Indoor Marijuana Growing

We haven’t got a guide as of yet for growing marijuana indoors but we have some basic tips and tricks we can share to you. We cover things such as seeds to purchase for indoor grows, lighting, temperature, grow mediums etc. It’s worth checking out to learn some of the fundamentals of growing indoors.

Cannabis Australia

If your looking for more info on Cannabis Australia, feel free to browse around. We offer guides to help you grow weed in Australia, list cannabis seed banks to purchase from and provide support from the community. We aim to be your one stop shop for everything marijuana related.