Buy Marijuana Seeds in Australia

Looking to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Australia?

If you’ve been sussing out different websites and seedbanks online to purchase Marijuana seeds in Australia, you might get a little bit bombarded with all the choices. There’s a lot of online seed banks out there that promise they will deliver seeds and guarantee stealth delivery. But that isn’t the case with many so-called seed banks. You must be wary of scammers or dodgy breeders.

In this quick post, we will review the best cannabis seed bank for Australia. Please note, some seed banks don’t take credit/visa card payments which makes it harder to buy marijuana seeds in Australia. The Aussie seed bank we will link you to does, and they take bitcoin and cash payments.

The company we are talking about is ILGM. They have been shipping seeds in complete stealth to Australia since 2013.

Marijuana Seeds Australia

Cannabis strain from ILGM

In the past 5 years, ILGM has built up a huge variety of strains, has grown to produce their very own line of cannabis fertilisers, marijuana grow books, mould and pest products as well as feminised and auto-flower cannabis seeds for Australia.

Since their time delivering down under, they have successfully shipped to ACT, Northern Territory, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and lastly New South Wales,

There are a few challenges in terms of getting them successfully sent to Australia but ILGM makes sure to beat them. They have a moneyback guarantee and seeds are replaced if lost, stolen or damaged. Although that is rarely the case, it is good to have a bit of reassurance as you don’t want to waste your time or money.

How to pay for cannabis seeds being shipped to Australia

Paying with credit card

 Your credit card statement won’t have anything that mentions Marijuana seeds Australia.

Make sure to check your emails after making an order, we will send you a few emails to ensure you are correctly placing the order.

* The first email is to confirm your order. You won’t get charged until you have verified your order.

* If you did not enter your visa/credit card details, you can do this via the second email.

If for some reason you have made the wrong order or made a mistake with your details, simply make a new order. Orders that aren’t paid for will be deleted automatically.

A few banks in Australia block foreign purchases. This has nothing to do with ILGM, banks do this in an attempt to prevent fraudulent transactions. Simply call your bank and say you are intending on receiving a charge to the account from an overseas merchant. Mention the transaction may be coming from either Europe or China. There’s no reason to say what you are buying, banks do not ask this.

Buying marijuana seeds with bitcoin (get a 10% discount!)

Buy marijuana seeds with Bitcoin and you’ll get a 10% discount on your whole order!

Just before you choose to order using bitcoin, follow our guide below first with our easy to follow guide. Buying bitcoins doesn’t need to be difficult, we have compiled an easy to read guide to follow to get your first bitcoin. Do you already have bitcoin in your wallet? Then just choose bitcoin during checkout and follow the directions.

Read these easy instructions on how to buy cannabis seeds using Bitcoin.

Paying with Cash

To be completely anonymous when purchasing from ILGM, the best way to do this is by sending the whole amount of your order to their mailing address. Simply place the entire amount in an envelope and ILGM will send your order to you accordingly.

As soon as you place the order on the ILGM website, they will instruct you how to send the money and provide you with the mailing address.

All currencies are accepted. Use to calculate your exchange rate to US dollars if needed.

From Australia, it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for the cash to arrive to ILGM. They ship your order within two business days after receiving your payment. Sending cash is very safe, there hasn’t been any lost cash payment in over 12 months.

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