The USA or Unite States of America has undergone some significant changes in their jurisdiction. Some states have legalised cannabis for recreational, commercial or medical reasons while some others are in the dark.

No one can be sure yet whether or not all states will go down the legal lane perhaps because some states are not ready yet. One could argue that it is still a potentially addictive substance. In our opinion, there may need to be more data to go through before the law changes in favour of recreational, medical or even commercial use of cannabis in the USA.

But since more and more states of America have been progressively putting their green thumbs up cannabis use for all the reasons above, it has brought much joy to the public that has long been awaiting these changes in the law.

It is now time to discuss purchasing cannabis seeds in America.

Here are the questions you should be asking BEFORE buying cannabis seeds in the USA or even CBD products.

Is weed seeds legal in my state in America?

According to;

Cannabis seeds can often be purchased legally for uses other than growing marijuana such as fishing bait, bird food, and preservation.

We’re not lawyers but I we suggest to check the sources, local laws in your state may have changed or differentiate.

What American seed bank should I go for?

There’s a whole heap out there but if your looking for a rising star, we suggest Home Grown Cannabis Co. They seem to have an extensive range of strains, variety of products such as fertilisers for weed in the USA.

If your looking for a great start, we recommend you check them out after checking local laws.

Should I buy seeds locally in the US?

There’s no reason why not but if your after specific strains for specific reasons, then we suggest you have a look at the above cannabis seed bank for the US.

How do we grow the cannabis seeds?

This is entirely up to you but we have information on this website that can help. Just browse around and participate in the forums if you get the chance.

We will be adding more questions about purchasing marijuana seeds in ‘merica soon, so stay tuned..

Info about Seed Banks that ship to the US

Its almost impossible to buy marijuana seeds online in the United States of America but we hav found some great solutions.

If you want high quality, well renowned and discreet weed seeds in the US of A, try out ILGM or MNSL.

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM), are specialists in breeding cannabis strains and marijuana seeds for the newly reformed cannabis market for some US citizens.

It’s important to check out your states local laws before weed seeds online from the US.

Not every state is accepting of buying marijuana seeds in their state. They may not have reformed their laws yet to accommodate for the sale of cannabis seeds or any other marijuana related products.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the entertainment.