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[Sticky] Best Fertiliser for Outdoor Cannabis Grows

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G`day g`day, here`s my fail safe super sauce, i`ve used it on every outdoor garden


1x - bucket(with a lid)
1x - bag of dynamic lifter
1x - big bottle of fish emulsion
1x - big hand full of blood`n bone

First tip some dynamic lifter into the bucket up to half way,
Then add the blood`n bone followed by the fish emulsion...........

After you`ve done all that, tip enough water in the mix until it`s just covering it all.....
Then put the lid on and let it sit somewhere out of the way (cause it bloody stinks!!)

Once the mix has been sitting for a few days it`s ready to rock`n roll.
Add roughly 2 cups of the stinky goodness to 9/10ltrs of plain water(per plant).....you can feed ya plants with this every time you go to see them!

Puts great flavor in and promotes super fast healthy growth .......

Good luck to everyone who has a go at it - you`ll be very happy with the results

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