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best poting mix for weed?  


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07/09/2020 11:29 am  

Hey everyone, whats your thoughts on the best poting mix for weed? I've tried using bunnings cheapest poting mix and I've had fairly poor results. I can't remember the name of the poting mix exactly but it was the cheapest on display when I was there.

In your reply can you please include why it is the best poting mix in your opinion? I will take everyones advice in and choose which is the best poting mix for weed in my circumstance.

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07/09/2020 1:44 pm  

Try use Yates premium potting mix. The one with added growth enhancer and dynamic lifter. You will see incredible results. If you want even better results, increase soil aeration by adding half a bag of 50 litre coco coir.

It only costs around $12 for the yates premium potting mix and about $29 for a 50 litre coco coir bag. 


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