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Best fertiliser for Indoor Cannabis Grows

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If your looking for the best fertiliser for Indoor Cannabis grows, you've come to the right place.

Here at Canna Grow Hacks, we implore only the highest quality fertilisers for growing weed indoors in Australia.

The fertiliser we'll be covering is Advanced Nutrients.

This line of nutrients has been around for years and has seen many growers reap great harvests - worth your envy.

The specific line they have which has seen great success in most beginner and seasoned veterans is their pH perfect assortment.

Not only does pH perfect regulate the pH automatically but it comes complete with all the nutrients a cannabis plant needs from seed to harvest.

This line is perfect for newbies and even the most advanced grower as it takes away the hassles of constantly checking your pH to make sure your plants are being given the right acidity/alkalinity in the nutrients.

When you nail the perfect pH, your weed plants will be able to use up all the goodness of your fertiliser. The proper uptake of these nutrients greatly enhances the speed of growth, healthiness and overall harvests.

You will see that your buds will be fatter, more potent and faster growing. Advanced Nutrients pH perfect line takes the manual measurements of pH away and automatically adjusts to the level weed loves.

Be careful though, do not over do it. Make sure to start off with half the recommended dosage just to test the waters and see how it affects your plants - AND by all means check the pH yourself manually after mixing up a solution so you feel comfortable and know the pH levels after application 


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