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Whats the benefits of indoor marijuana grows?  


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07/09/2020 10:45 am  

Hi I'm new here. I'm thinking of growing cannabis outside here in Australia but I've been told its sometimes better to grow indoors if its a small amount?

Im only thinking of growing a couple of plants so will indoors be better? What are the benefits of indoor marijuana grows?

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07/09/2020 12:54 pm  

Indoor grows can better because you can control the environment e.g. lighting, temperature, air flow etc and that in turn can give you a better grow if managed correctly. If you can give cannabis plants more lighting, the better they grow. If you manage the temperature right, your plant will photosynthesise better. Provide your marijuana plant with constant air flow and it will better strengthen it. Theres more to it but just a few benefits. Pests and diseases can be managed better indoors too.


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