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New guerilla growing guide for Australia

Dylan Hicks
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Just saw a great post from CGH about growing weed outdoors in stealth, check it out here https://www.cannagrowhacks.com/guerilla-growing-in-australia/

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Captain Bud Lord Giggle Smoke
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Growing weed outside is okay Dylan but to be honest i prefer growing it inside. Due to the fact that it is easier to control pest and diseases and you get to do it in the comfort of your own home

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@captain-bud-lord-giggle-smoke inside is deffinitely easier to control when growing cannabis plants but it can end up being more expensive. theres free 2000w of sun ouut there so why not use it? aha nah but growing inside you can be more sneaky and grow in a spot no one will notice.

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find a good spot and its good but need to watch out for people finding it or animals eating it, plus might need to drag bags of soil through the bush and shovels forks ect, you can use the nets they use for truit trees to keep the roos and possums out, make sure its well camouflaged without blocking too much sunlight, also a close water source is is very handy


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