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Super Soil - The Best Soil Mix for Cannabis

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This is yet one more Soil Mixing tutorial. This one is going to focus on making a batch in the city while keeping it neat and tidy. First we use a tarp and a sheet of plywood under so the shovel will slide easily as we mix and scoop. This was created over 35 years of soil growing and blows away any method I have tried. Hydro growers that swap over never switch back to water.

Here is the recipe to make this concentrate!
You cannot grow plants directly in this super concentrate!

8 Bags Roots soil or equivalent high quality supped up grow soil
25 pounds Pure Worm Castings
½ cup Azomite trace minerals
2/3 Cup Sweet Lime IE Dolomite
1 Kilo Bone meal / IE 5 Pounds
1 Kilo Blood meal ( I use a bit more bone than Blood in this recipe)
1 Kilo Bat Guano bloom formula preferably Fruit bats
3/4 cup Epson Salts
The Perlite and Coco I happen to have and it will make a better mix but it is not necessary.

First we take the tarp and the Lucky rug and lift the edges to form a 2 sided pan.

So for the last year Sticky Lungs and Joe Blow have been prompting me to try a new soil called Harvest moon. It really doesn't have a name or a label but these guys carry a product line called that and they seem like really nice people.
The main complaint with Roots is the fir bark that is used as a filler. It gives you splinters and makes us wonder if the mix is the best it can be. So the Harvest Moon people don't use Fir bark but high quality Coco Fiber and no spinters.
They hand wash the coco untill its extremly low ppm and then hand mix there soil. They do this outside which bothers me somewhat.
I love there soil mix so far and we have made an entire batch of Super Soil using 8 bags of there mix as a base.

So lets take a look at the ingredients of a product called Roots Organic

Lignite*, coca fiber, perlite, pumice, compost, peat moss, bone meal, bat guano, kelp meal, Green sand, soy bean meal, leonardite, k-mag, glacial rock dust, alfalfa meal, oyster shell flour, earth worm castings and Mycorrhizae.
I have always believed in giving my plants a wide range of soils and additives I figure it's like a buffet they get all they need

“Lignite, also known as leonardite, mined lignin, brown coal, and slack, is an important constituent to the oil well, drilling industry. Lignite, or leonardite as it will be referred as hereafter, is technically known as a low rank coal between peat and sub-bituminous. Leonardite was named for Dr. A.G. Leonard, North Dakota's first state geologist, who was a pioneer in the study of lignite deposits. Leonardite is applied to products having a high content of humic acid. Humic acid has been found to be very useful as a drilling
mud thinner.”

Another local product we are trying now is called Harvest Moon

Washed coco fibers, Alaskan peat moss, perlite, yucca, pumice, diatoms, worm castings, feather meal, fishmeal, kelp meal, limestone, gypsum, soybean meal, alfalfa meal, rock dust, yucca meal, and Mycorrhizae fungi.

So the Harvest Moon boys also believe in just add water for people that are growing medicine and have less experience. There solution is an additive called One Shot which I am still awaiting data on.

You add 1/2 to 3/4 cup to a bag of there soil and its good to go.
I used a small 1/2 cup for a 7 gallon pot for this trail

Post stolen from Oz Stoners


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Thank you so much for this 🙂

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I got a 4kg bag of blood & bone that Im going to use for growing cannabis. Heard about it from an old hippie he said the dead feed the living 🙂

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yea bro that shit works wonders just make sure to make sure the ph level of the soil stays at the right levels


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