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How to get prescribed medical cannabis in Australia - 2021

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If your looking to get medical cannabis for an illness or medical condition, you have 2 options. The first is to access medical cannabis products that are made up of mostly CBD. If a medical cannabis product contains 98% CBD or more in cannabinoid content, you can get it prescribed to you from your doctor. If it contains less CBD than that, there could be higher amounts of THC meaning you move on to the 2nd option and seek approval to access medical cannabis products that have higher THC content.

To find out more about getting approved or medical marijuana prescriptions in Australia 2021, visit the website below.


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there is a lady that calls herself canna nanna and she does black market style but she asks for proof that your ill and she will suggest certain oils for your needs, pretty expensive but definitely worth it, help my aunty wonders with emphysema


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