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this one time at the bus stop

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i was chillin at the bustop in my local home town tucked away in the bush. Had my billie and pre mix of weed and tobacco in the bag and thought fuck it? tipped out my water filled the billie up and decided to pack a hot one while i wait for the bus. Punched one cone and pondered if I should have anotha. I said yea, na, yea fuk it. I packed another started ripping it and the coppas come past and deadset looked at me straight in the face. What i dont get is they didn't even turn around?

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Ohh man that's fuckin hillarious hahaha. Remind me of my time at the train station. I was on the platform trying to pull a sneaky one and a train goes past with coppas on board. Thank fully it wasn't an all stations train, all they could do was catch a glimpse of some cunt pulling a hot one on platform 1 🤣 

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haha fuck yea thats mad, back when i was about 16 i used to get my dad to drop me and a mate at the train station to go late night shopping, as soon as dad left mum would pull up to sell us a stick, we would sit there under the cameras and all and chop up and start punching cones till the train come, its a small sketchy station that fuck all people use at night so we were pretty safe but the odd person came past every now and then but no one cared


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