How To Grow Cannabis Indoors in Australia

If you are interested in growing your first cannabis indoor plants in Australia, as a new grower, you have to deal with a unique set of challenges. The sheer amount of information available on the topic can prove overwhelming, but the good news is you can make an impressive start by taking care of a few key factors. If you wish to learn about growing marijuana in Australia outdoors instead, view our other guide linked.

In the following lines, we walk you through the primary indoor growing information that can make your green hobby a success story.

Get An Indoor Specific Cannabis Strain

Expert growers know that in order to get high quality and high yielding marijuana plants, indoors or out, you need to get your hands on a cannabis strain that is specific to the environment your growing in. You can get these strains from someone you know who has grown indoors before and had great results or you can purchase indoor strains from a reputable cannabis seed bank online.

The cool thing about ordering online is you get access to cannabis cup winner strains, medical grade strains and strains you even see in movies or magazines. Some of these strains include Northern Lights, Blueberry (yum yum), OG Kush, White Widow, Bubblegum and Amnesia Haze.

You can also opt for stealth delivery when purchasing seeds online + reputable seed banks don’t mention anything about weed on bank transactions. Delivery times are usually 1-2 weeks to Australia and the rest of the southern hemisphere.

Choose a growing space

Your next step is to choose an appropriate growing space. As a small-scale grower, you can start with a small tent, cabinet, or a designated area in a spare room. Heck you can even use a PC case to grow pot in. Yes, thats right! Even something as small as a PC case can be used successfully to grow high quality, potent marijuana plants.

At the beginner’s level, you don’t need a large growing space, therefore it is more practical to look for small available spacing options. Treat your first indoor grow as just a practice run then up-scale later when you have more experience.

Begin small

Going small is an advantageous approach to indoor weed cultivation since it allows you to learn several useful lessons without paying a high price. By going small means, you limit your indoor gardening to a couple of plants only. This cautious approach would save you from unnecessary setbacks.

All growers are bound to make mistakes as well as they are prone to mishaps in their attempts to growing marijuana plants. Under the worst probable scenario, your plants could die due to your lack of experience and that can deal a blow to your indoor gardening dreams. But never let yourself feel disheartened. It’s about trial and error, so just move ahead with your eyes set on the prize. You’ll succeed eventually.

Sanitise and clean your growing area

A sanitised and clean growing space reduces the risk of mold, pathogens, and harmful bacteria. A bi-weekly cleaning routine can be of great help to keep potential contaminants out.

Wiping up areas around your plants using a wet microfiber rag can help keep the space clean.

Keep your grow space light-sealed

The periodic darkness is as critical to produce yieldable buds as the light. Being a first-time grower, you need to completely seal off your indoor space so that plants don’t get any light seeping in during their ‘rest time’.

Failure to do so would result in the production of male flowers and deals a blow to your high-THC yield expectations.

Miscellaneous issues

Choose a close place that is safe from animals as well as human intruders. The closer you are to your plants, the better it is to keep your plants healthy and safe as you can monitor them regularly.

Temperature and humidity variations can take a toll on the growth of your indoor marijuana plants. A well-sealed off point can help you maintain the required temperature and humidity levels.

Don’t ignore convenience. A safe and easily accessible spot can make much of a difference to your control and yield of your crop.

Choose Cannabis grow lights

One of the most important decisions involved in growing marijuana plants indoor in Australia is choosing the right grow lights for your indoor plants. Allocate a sizeable budget to get a quality lighting system, specifically if you plan on growing marijuana in the long term.

LED grow lights are the best lighting system to illuminate weed plants and are popular among indoor marijuana cultivators for their exceptional performance. These highly efficient light fixtures use less energy and produce very little heat. Featuring customizable spectrums, LED lights perfectly meet the light requirements of cannabis plants at every growth stage.

If you are thinking to continue long term with your indoor growing, LED grow lights offer the best value of the money. Do your homework before purchasing LED grow lights, and always buy from a trusted seller. Be aware of online scam sellers.

You may consider low-cost induction lights, HID lights, and fluorescent grow lights. These lighting systems are less efficient and produce a lot of heat.

Consistent airflow is essential

Manage a constant airflow to your indoor growing space. You can conveniently achieve this by placing a portable fan on the one end while fixing an exhaust fan on the other side.

The exhaust fan throws out hot, stagnant air while the portable fan supplies cooler, CO2 filled fresh air.

Maintain the temperature of your spot between a range of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. However, a few Indica strains tend to prefer a lower temperature range.

Maximise your grow with CO2

Lots of pot growers swear that by adding CO2 to their grow that it can increase yields by up to 20%. We can testify that we’ve had results similar to this. CO2 is crucial for plant growth. Plants extract CO2 from the air and convert it to chemical energy. The more energy the plant has, the better it grows. To learn more about CO2 and how to add it to your indoor cannabis grow, read this.

Never ignore the importance of the following

Choose a growing medium carefully. You can either give your plants an ordinary soil or a hydroponic tray. For first time growers, usually, the ordinary soil is recommended for new growers since it is cheaper, more straightforward than an advanced hydroponic system.

In case you prefer to use ordinary soil, you need a container as well. Any container thats large enough can be an optimum choice if you don’t have a typical pot.

Use a bottom perforation to allow excess water to go out of the bucket. It helps to avoid waterlogging issues.

Always ensure the following nutrients are available in the right quantities to your plants all the time.

  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Potassium (P)
  • Calcium (Ca)
  • Phosphorus (Ph)
  • Magnesium (Mg)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Copper (Cu)

Cannabis plants love water, consistently keeping them hydrated is essential for their proper growth. However, exercise caution since overwatering can prove detrimental and eventually can kill your plant.

Determine a suitable watering frequency by keeping an eye on your plant’s size and growth stage. Too much water or watering too often will cause your plant to have heavier leaves that curl down. It almost seems as if the water in the leaves is preventing the leaf from being straight. Too little water will cause your plant to droop and the leaves won’t be as firm as an over watered marijuana plant. It will feel brittle and dry to the touch.

Either way your plant will eventually die if you don’t learn to water properly.

Grow Cannabis Indoors Australia

Timely harvesting of your plants is critical to get the best yield in terms of quality and quantity. The longer you leave your plant flowering the more cannabinoids the plant produces meaning a stronger end product. Don’t leave it too long however as the resin will degrade in the plant.

To further learn how to grow cannabis indoors in Australia, kindly view Leafly’s 101 article here.

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