Grow Hack Videos

The videos we have chosen are both incredible and interesting. We have listed below, the top 3 videos that have inspired us to grow and continually improve our techniques. It’s what sparked our interest to try out new things. If your looking for alternatives, these videos are a staple for the budding grower. Don’t be afraid to try out new things as we say, as that can enhance your growing experience.

1. The first grow video shows off the Aerogarden, an application that uses mist to feed the roots of plants that are placed within it. When the plant is in the Aerogarden, its roots are suspended in air and mist periodically releases water and nutrients to feed the plant. Similar to hydroponics but utilising air more than water.

2. The next video is a series of simple techniques to keep your plant flourishing through your journey as a stoner and grower. Although it isn’t exactly about cannabis, it is still relevant as you can use these methods on growing marijuana. The part in the video about using coffee, banana and eggshell creates a suitable NPK ratio that cannabis can thrive from.

3. The next video is from an experienced cannabis grower. He lists his tips and tricks to grow marijuana to the best of his ability and believe me he is on to something. He mentions things such as microbes, temperatures, grow mediums, watering and more.

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