If you have ever wanted to know a basic guideline on how to grow big, potent indoor cannabis plants, this post is for you.

Growing weed indoors isn’t as hard as you may think it would be. All you need is right cannabis strain, enough space, good grow medium, proper lighting, nutrients, ideal temperature and ventilation.

Choosing The Correct Indoor Cannabis Strain

When shopping for a cannabis strain for indoor growing make sure to have a look at the marijuana strains ideal climate. Cannabis seed banks generally display the strains preferred climate on the cannabis seeds description. Buy indoor cannabis strains

Choosing the right cannabis strain from the beginning will save you allot of headaches in the future. Some strains just perform better indoor and some prefer outdoor. It varies with each strain.

How Much Space Do I Need?

Marijuana is a versatile plant that can grow in small to large spaces. You can safely grow 3 plants per square meter. Just make sure to accommodate for how big it will get later down the track.

What Grow Medium Should I Use?

Weed is a versatile plant which can grow in various grow mediums. However the best non hydroponic grow medium from our experience is coco coir. This accompanied with the correct fertiliser will ensure your plant thrives.

Correct Lighting

Marijuana loves a lot of light. To make it easier, purchase 600w HPS lights and turn them on 16 hours a day and turn it off for 8 hours. You should get lights that emit the blue spectrum but HPS lights have been successfully used for the vegetative state. During flowering switch the lighting to 12 on and 12 off to encourage flowering (budding). Remember to water your plant and provide it with fertiliser.

Temperature & Air

Marijuana prefers a room that is warm. Minimal humidity and dryness is recommended.

Air is also important. Air provides ventilation and encourages strong stem growth. Without this, your plant will not grow as big and fast.

Need More Info?

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