Growing Weed Outdoors Guerilla Style in Australia

This article is about growing weed outdoors guerilla style in Australia. If your looking for ways to grow weed with the least chances of getting busted, this post is for you!

But firstly, there are some necessary steps to take to grow cannabis successfully with or without Guerilla grow tactics.

It’s always important to acknowledge that federal laws prevent potential cannabis growers the chance to cultivate marijuana for medical or recreational use.

Even if you live in the state of Canberra where’s it legal to cultivate 2 plants per person or 4 for the entire household, cannabis is still illegal on the federal level.

However living in ACT where it is legal to grow the above amount of plants provides you a defense in court if you so happen to end up there.

Even medical marijuana users don’t have strong legs to stand on. They must adhere to state regulations or break the law to get necessary medical marijuana treatment.

It’s a given that when you grow weed in Australia that you must break the law and accept it. This is until at least some laws change about growing marijuana in Australia. For now, you just have to live with the fact that you are growing something illegal which is kinda stupid as it’s just a damn plant.. 🧐

It is worth noting that cannabis is becoming increasingly recognised as a medical treatment for various illnesses and diseases.

Marijuana is also now more widely accepted as a safe recreational drug. Many states in the US moved to recreationalise the drug which has seen a massive influx of income to the US. An estimated amount of $37 billion is expected to be earned by 2024 from the marijuana industry in the US alone.

As time goes on, more and more countries will move towards the legal consumption of cannabis. As more people push for the medical and recreational use of cannabis worldwide, the more light it brings to the subject. It’s inevitable that we will see the laws change for the good in time. As more of us unite to fight the stigma and regulations on cannabis, the more attention it brings to the matter at hand.

But for now, we must band together as a collective and remain peaceful resistors. The use of marijuana in our own residence should not be a crime and neither should growing the plant.

However, as the laws will stay in place for an unspecified time, we must use discretion and the correct growing procedures to get the most from our investment.

History of Guerilla Growing

During the Revolutionary War, the United States we’re overwhelmed by the strength of the British. The British kept tight control of Americans at the time so they became resourceful to combat the grip of the British Empire.

This was when Guerilla grow tactics were first used in America. It was to evade the British watch and benefit from the cannabis plant without restriction.

Over the years, more people have switched to indoor grows as they can be more private but there are still plenty of growers out there who don’t have the privilege.

To get the best results growing stealth outdoors, we recommend following what the Revolutionaries initiated. This simple Guerilla grow guide for Australia takes this information into account.

Indoor Vs Outdoor

A lot of growers who want to stay on the discreet side go for indoor cannabis grows. This may be due to the fact that indoor plants can be easily monitored, are easily fertilised, usually more potent and often look better. Indoor buds also attract a higher price in the underground market.

But.. Indoor grows can be at threat of discovery if there is a strong odor, a light leakage, high electricity consumption and lots of supplies coming into your home.

The laws regarding the cultivation of marijuana in your home in Australia can be more harsh than outdoor grows too. Chemicals, additives, artificial lighting and other factors impact the severity of one’s punishment if caught growing indoors.

This doesn’t deter a lot of growers however. There seems to be many dealers down under that only sell indoor or hydro bud. This is examplified in most major cities like Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney. If there’s a lot of people selling it, it must be prevalent.

So what’s the benefits of Guerilla growing in Australia?

It’s simple. If you grow weed outdoors in Australia in a plot of land that’s not yours, your not liable to it. This is unless you are spotted tending to your crop.

So you can grow to your hearts content and get massive yields to keep or give to the needy.

To be blunt, Guerilla outdoor grows will challenge you constantly but it will reward you greatly. Guerilla growing outdoors in Australia will test your will and determination.

Choosing a spot

Finding a good spot is the single most crucial aspect of growing Guerilla outdoors in Australia.

What dictates a successful harvest boils down to the spot you choose. Factors like amount of lighting, soil condition (if you don’t have your own soil mix), pest/diseases and human presence all play a role.

You must spend some time examining your grow spot. Aim for a spot that has at least 6 hours of direct sun light, has dark-soft soil where there is lush vegetation, minimal pest/diseases (grow some test plants in your spot to determine this) and no human interference – preferably 30 minutes away from the nearest walking track.

You must study your spot meticulously to get the maximum return from your efforts. Don’t skip out!

Our first major suggestion is to look for a spot that is at the least, half an hour’s walk away from any track you followed. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the distance between your grow spot and people, the better. The further you are away from potential people, the safer your crop will be.

The ideal spot should have no garbage within 1km radius. If there is no rubbish in this vicinity, it’s an indicator people don’t wander through the area often or if at all.

The 1km radius provides a more discreet grow as it is out of most peoples way.

Look out for signs such as bushes or grass trampled by people walking through or even rubbish. See how much rubbish is in the area and how old the rubbish is. These are all clues.

Don’t forget about the transportation of soils, fertilisers, water and whatever other products you use. Map out a spot that you can easily transport supplies to so you don’t get exhausted as much.

If your planning on going to a private property, make sure you have a cover story to explain why you’re there. Bringing a dog for a walk can give you good cover story. So does a pair of binoculars and a bird book. Your only checking out the local bird species right?

Lighting requirements

To receive bigger yields, aim for a spot that receives more than 6 hours of direct sun light a day. A good way to find out how much sun your possible spots get is to visit your spot 3 times in a day. Once in the early morning, once at lunch time and once at sun down. If your spot gets light at all 3 intervals, it’s a good spot for your light requirements.

The less sun light, the less yield. If you fall below the required lighting for weed outdoors, you might only average an ounce per plant.

If possible, remove any objects blocking sun light to your cannabis plants. Some growers chop down trees and trim shrubs to allow light to their plants

Preparing your spot

The preparation of your spot is crucial to Guerilla growing. One of the first things you should prepare are the tools needed for an outdoor Guerilla grow.

If your bringing tools to your spot, exercise caution and take them at night time. Don’t want to walk the whole way at night? You can just drop your tools somewhere on the path to your crop and pick them up during the day to take to your spot.

Tools you may need include:

  • Shovel
  • Watering cans
  • Grow containers
  • Measuring jugs for nutrients
  • Knife

This needs to be said, to effectively carry out a Guerilla grow, one must not be detectable in any scenario. In regard to transporting supplies to your spot, don’t be so obvious as to carry tools in broad day light. What would you think if you saw someone walk into the bush with a shovel or pots? Always move at night!

Preparing the soil

It’s a good idea to prepare your soil two weeks in advance. Use a shovel to dig up the current soil and add in any additives like slow release fertiliser. Till the soil by digging and chopping it up with the shovel and turning it upside down to aerate. The aim is to get the soil as loose as possible. To improve aeration, add coco coir to your soil mix.

Well aerated soil improves root development. This is essential to growing massive, high yielding cannabis plants outdoors. The more the roots expand, the bigger the plant gets.

For every plant, dig a 2×2 foot hole at the very least. The bigger the better. Each plant should be placed in a non linear fashion. This means sow your plants in a way where it doesn’t make an easily seen pattern from the air. Police look out for patterns when spotting weed above so place them randomly in your grow spot.

Don’t forget to amend your soil!

Add in some slow release fertiliser and you will get some monster plants!

If your growing cannabis outdoors in Australia, you know our soil needs help. If you spend the money on good quality soil, you can mix this with native Aussie soil. We recommend using Canna Terra and Coco Coir combined with native soil. Go for a 33/33/33 mix.

It’s also a great idea to use perlite. This prevents your plants roots from becoming water logged.

To get big and high yielding plants, invest in getting some premixed soils. You can then mix this with slow release fertiliser, coco coir, native soil and perlite for a killer grow medium.

If you use the correct premixed soil for cannabis, the soil should have enough nitrogen to support the plants growth for 2-3 weeks. Even after being combined with the other soil. After that, you need to provide the plants a nitrogen based fertiliser to successfully support its vegetative growth. Then switch to a flowering based fertiliser when the time comes.

A well known trick is to add a phosphorus based fertiliser at the bottom of the 2×2 hole. As the roots grow and the plant enters the flowering stage, the phosphorus will enhance bud quality and yield –

Preparation is key to a successful grow. Expert growers will tell you the exact same thing. So don’t forget, take 2 weeks to prepare your spot in advance.

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