Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Australia

Marijuana seeds for sale online are becoming more popular. What do you think? Are Marijuana seeds only used for making harmful drugs? No, just like two sides of a coin, the seeds can be used for both legal and illegal purposes. Also known as cannabis, the seeds are grown for medical purposes in limited quantity and for other legal usages as well. But it’s also true that there are people who use marijuana to produce addictive or illegal drugs and make a profit out of it.

That’s why there are some restrictions put by the law of different countries on Marijuana usage. Just like that, the law regarding Marijuana seeds in Australia is also constantly changing day by day.

The Australian law has permitted some species of seeds to be grown. Similarly, some species of Marijuana seeds are permitted for sale too. So, if you are a citizen or somehow living in Australia and want to get some good quality Marijuana seeds, you must know some basic information first and then, some reliable places to find them.

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Some of the Best Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Australia:

Australian law has permitted to buy and sell Marijuana seeds for medical and research purposes. The buyers and sellers must have legal licenses too. If you don’t have any license and still buy any kind of seeds, it will be considered as an illegal activity. You must shop from a well-known online shop to get your expected high-quality seeds. The feminised marijuana seeds (Seeds to grow a female tree) have shown better quality and performance. So, for medical purposes, the feminised seeds are used in general. Following are some popular species of feminized cannabis seeds sold in Australia:


1. Super Lemon Diesel

Marijuana Seeds for Sale


It’s a hybrid seed, whose 70% is indica and 30% is sativa. The researchers have invented it for a person’s body relaxation. It relaxes the consumer’s body after some time of consumption.  It has a high rating on the Internet (4.2 out of 5).  It flavors and smells like lime and pepper. So, those who like the flavor of lemon or pepper can use it for body relaxation in a limited amount which is permitted by the medical law. It also grows very fast. So, those who are thinking of cultivating Cannabis can try to grow this. Its flowering time is only 2-3 weeks.


2. White Widow Max:

Marijuana Seeds for Sale


This is also a hybrid seed, the cross result of White Widow and Big Bud strains. It has a nice combination of indica and sativa (60% indica and 40% sativa). It is also highly rated and one of the most popular strains. Its average tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content is 18-23%. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Its flowering time is 8-10 weeks.


3. Green Crack:

Marijuana Seeds for Sale


This hybrid strain is the opposite of the previous two because it contains 65% Sativa and 35% indica. It is popular for its fruity smell and as a stress reliever. Its THC content is approximately 17%. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. While growing indoors, it needs better ventilating, and while growing outdoors, it needs more nourished soil.


4. Purple Pineberry:


Marijuana Seeds for Sale


This hybrid is indica dominant (80% indica and 20% sativa). It can be grown only outdoors. Its buds expose themselves to less temperature and usually at night. It also has a high THC level (19%) and a high cannabidiol (CBD) level (1.3%).


5. Super Sour Berry:

Marijuana Seeds for Sale


This hybrid strain is the cross of sour diesel and blueberry strains. The seed has got one large cola and multiple bud sites. It has a slightest greater proportion of sativa, but its shape is more likely indica. It also has a high THC. Just as its name, it smells, and the flavor is sour too.


6. Blueberry:

Marijuana Seeds for Sale


It has a strong genetic code that is used for creating other hybrid strains. Its origin is Afghanistan.  It is named blueberry because its flavor is just as ripe and juicy as blueberry. It contains high THC (19-21%). It has been popular for a very long time. Its bluish leaves and buds give it a beautiful look. But the problem is it’s hard to grow as its fertilization is difficult.


7. Gelato: 

Marijuana Seeds for Sale


Gelato (also known as Larry Bird) is a crossbreed of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It has 55% indica and 45% sativa. It is named Gelato because of its sweet or dessert-like aroma. This strain of marijuana is known for improving the consumer’s mood. It is also popular for boosting energy. This is the most used medicinal marijuana.


8. Jack Herer:

Marijuana Seeds for Sale


Its exact genetic code is not known yet, but it is said that it contains sativa in greater proportion. Its buds are a little bit sticky but have a citrus scent. This is also a highly rated and is an old strain of Marijuana seed. It has a high potential for medicinal uses. This is one of the more popular marijuana seeds for sale.

5 Australian Local Strains of Marijuana Seeds for Sale:

(or try American seeds here: Cannabis Seeds USA)

Some strains of Marijuana seeds easily grow in Australia. They don’t need to be modified, so they are treated as local seed strains of Australia. Some of them are also famous and legal for sale. They are not feminized; they are regular strains. Five most famous Australian Marijuana strains are:


1. Blue Hawaiian: 


Marijuana Seeds for Sale


It is a pure Australian sativa strain of marijuana, which is produced for medical purposes. It is more popular in Western Australia. It is used for the treatment of insomnia and depression. It is used to make the consumer’s brain more active and keep the body temperature normal. Its flowering time is around 9-10 weeks.


2. Blue Widow:

Marijuana Seeds for Sale


This is more likely sativa dominant, though half of it contains indica. This genre of marijuana is a crossbreed of Blue Berry and White Widow. This one treats headaches and nausea. Its flowering time is approximately 7-8 weeks. Due to its crossbreed, its leaves and flowers turn shady, mostly bluish purple.


3. Chemo:


The Chemo strain is very rare because of its complicated genetics. It is known as a pure indica seed or 100% indica marijuana seed. Its total growth time is around seven weeks. Experienced marijuana cultivators only should think about growing this strain.


4. Durban Poison:


This strain is known as one of the strongest marijuana plants because it can survive at any adverse climate. It can survive in a dry and dusty environment and is rarely affected by insects or microorganisms. Consumers of this strain have reported it to make them more attentive and focused. Its flowering time is approximately eight weeks. Though it originates from Africa, it is also considered as Australian local marijuana. The marijuana seeds for sale in our shop include this strain.


5. Lemon Skunk: 


It’s a regular hybrid which is very famous in Australia. In fact, in 2019, it was among the top 10 marijuana seeds in Australia. Its flowering time is 7-8 weeks. It is highly used in medical treatment in versatile ways. It treats some neurologist and gastrointestinal medical conditions. So, medical persons and researchers highly recommend this strain for growing.

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Popular Marijuana Seeds in the Different States of Australia: 


1. New South Wales:


Though growing marijuana plants is prohibited in the state of New South Wales, people are permitted to collect seeds for growing for legal purpose only. They must show authentic proof that they are going to grow them for honest motive, mostly medicinal. Some popular seeds among the grower of New South Wales are:

  • White Widow,
  • Tangerine Dream,
  • Blueberry.

In this area, these strains are used for the treatment of migraine, nausea, pain, and loss of appetite. So, if you are in New South Wales and have a license for growing marijuana, you can collect and grow these seeds.


2. Victoria: 


In this state, both auto-flowering and feminized seeds are popular. Like the other states, the growers of Victoria also grow the marijuana plants which are used as effective remedies. Some popular strains among the growers of Victoria are:

  • Cheese (Auto-flowering),
  • Amnesia,
  • Super Silver Haze.

If you notice the grower’s choice of Victoria, you will find out that most of them prefer growing sativa dominant strains of seeds rather than indica ones.


3. Queensland:


Just like the other states, consumption of marijuana for recreation or addiction is banned according to the law, but you can grow them for medical purposes. In this area, growers use the feminized seeds for growing. Some of the most used seeds are:

  • White Widow (feminized),
  • Auto Blueberry (feminized),
  • Banana Kush (feminized),
  • Purple Kush (feminized).

It is illegal to cultivate Marijuana seeds outdoor in Queensland. So, the growers have to rely on the renowned online pages to collect high-quality seeds and grow them indoors. The Queensland dwellers must have enough knowledge about the authentic seed suppliers.


4. Western Australia:


Among all the states of Australia, Western Australia is most popular for Marijuana dealings. It is because, in Western Australia, it’s legal to cultivate and grow Marijuana seeds for both medical and recreational purposes. So, if you are staying somewhere in Western Australia, it’s easy for you to buy seeds and grow plants. Some highly demanded species of marijuana in that area are:

  • Mazar,
  • White Widow,
  • Great White Shark.


5. Tasmania:


Importing or exporting Marijuana seeds without a license violates the law in Tasmania. The people living there are trying to legalize this for recreational purposes, but it’s not permitted yet. People there can work on it for treatment and medicines. The advantage the citizens of Tasmania get is, the environment is quite friendly for growing Marijuana seeds. Some of the most preferred Marijuana seeds there are:

  • Blue Dream (feminized),
  • White Widow (feminized),
  • Auto Northern Lights × Big bud (feminized),
  • Auto Triple XL (feminized).

The mentioned strains above are the most commonly used Marijuana seeds in Tasmania. However, you can grab seeds according to your choice and start producing if you have the license.


6. Northern Australia: 


Apart from the law passed by the parliament, the Northern territory can make separate rules as a state. But there are still limitations in buying, selling, and consuming marijuana. Only a few strains are allowed to access by a definite pathway. Some strains which have access are:

  • Bruce Banner,
  • Auto Mandarine (feminized),
  • Auto Northern Lights,
  • Cream Caramel (feminized).

In general, you should preserve them after collecting, as they need proper care even before cultivation.


7. South Australia:


Growing Marijuana seeds outdoors is prohibited in South Australia. So, if you are living in South Australia but really want to grow Marijuana plants, you need to be selective. Only those species which can grow indoors, are auto-flowering and which are used in medical purpose are allowed to grow there. But the online sources for the whole of Australia will remain the same.


8. Australian Capital Territory:


In the capital territory of Australia, it’s been legal to produce medicinal Marijuana seeds since 2016. So, some feminized seeds of some strains are popular there, They are:

  • Gorilla Glue (feminized)
  • Purple Kush (feminized)
  • Amnesia Haze (feminized)

Top 5 Trusted Seed Banks:  

Online is a perfect platform to buy or sell your preferred Marijuana seeds. So, in Australia, there are some renowned and trusted pages that can provide you with high-quality Marijuana seeds and also helps you select the perfect seeds by their reviews. Some of the well-known provider pages are:

If you want to get good quality seeds, you may trust these online media and start growing as you like. Through online, you can also get attractive deals and compare them to find the best dealing offers. For example, ILGM (rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 12,240 reviews as of now) not only gives you a lot of options to buy Marijuana seeds with exclusive offers but also provides a handful of information to educate yourself about different kinds of seeds and how to grow the plants and use them properly. Interested readers are encouraged to visit ILGM to learn more.

Marijuana Seeds for Sale – Conclusion

If you are someone related to medical science or a researcher, Marijuana seeds can be a good subject for research. You can produce within the limitations set by the law. If you are prescribed, any medicine produced from marijuana, be careful with the dose, because overconsumption can hit oppositely. If you are travelling in any state of Australia, be aware of the legal rules of buying Marijuana seeds for sale. You can use it for recreational purposes only using the dose within the state law allowed limit. But before consuming, make sure that you are not getting addicted to it, which can ruin your entire life. On the other hand, if you’re planning to grow it for a noble purpose, then go ahead.


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