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Oz Stoners is an Australian cannabis forum that has been established since 1999. They are undeniably Australia’s longest running marijuana network that has been operating for over 20 years. With its age comes big numbers, they boast the largest online gathering of cannabis growers down under. If you already know about Oz Stoners, then you would know that they’re very reputable and the members are friendly. The correctness of the information maybe questionable though as there are members from amateur to expert growers contributing to the network.

Oz Stoners
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Is there an Oz Stoners alternative for Australia?

There are a number of forums online that say they cater to Australian growers like Oz Stoners does, but rarely do they dedicate they’re content to Aussies looking for a cannabis forum. That’s where our cannabis growing forum Australia comes in, we are a new alternative to Oz Stoners. Our Australian marijuana growing forums is perfect for newcomers who want easy to understand information. We are a welcoming cannabis community with vast growing knowledge.

Is it free to join our Australian cannabis community?

Of course its free! And always will be. Our network is funded by ads so we will never ask for a membership fee. We believe that by providing free membership, we will gain more cannabis enthusiasts to contribute to our growing forums.

Why join us?

With many online cannabis growing forums, you may experience that

  • they can be too confusing because of the layout of the website,
  • the age of the forum software its running is old,
  • certain members can be offensive,
  • there is too much information and you don’t know what to follow

Oz Stoners Alternative

With Canna Grow Hacks forum, you will find general growing information, indoor or outdoor grow, grow mediums, fertilisers, lights and more. We have taken the time out to research what goes in a cannabis plant to make sure it yields big and healthy buds.

Join our Australian cannabis growing forum today.


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The amount you can yield from a plant, the height, THC and CBD potency are information which we source from the breeder. Most characteristics regarding cannabis strains can come from any given recommended cannabis seed bank. We have come to realise most these characteristics were derived from indoor growing, but if you know what your doing and have good enough knowledge, outdoor grows would also be fine provided you grow in a location where it is legal such as the ACT, Australia.

Canna Grow Hacks simply links you to cannabis/hemp seed banks that will sell you collectible, adult genetics intended for preservation/souvenirs/adult topical body/food grade, products which are not intended for human consumption.

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