Recreational Cannabis Soon to be legalised in Australia

With the US paving the way for the legalisation of marijuana in its many states, Australia moves to do the same. It started off as medical cannabis but soon enough it will be available recreationally.

The Australian government cant keep knocking back facts as the World Health Organisation approves of cannabis use, describing it as safe and completely non-addictive.

It’s only a matter of time before the Australian government does something about it and enter into a market worth billions of dollars.

Cannabis is completely safe and has many anti-cancer properties. Not only that, but it is proven to be a highly effective treatment for epilepsy. For those suffering terminal illnesses, they say this amazing plant is what helps them the most during their last days of pain.

It only makes sense to legalise cannabis in Australia for both medical and recreational purposes. If you can get chemical based medication from your doctor to help you, why cant you get cannabis based medication?

Cannabis is more natural and proven to be very effective in treatments ranging from Anxiety, Depression, eating disorders to PTSD.

If you can get high by purchasing toxic, cancer-causing alcohols from any botle-o, why cant you get weed?

Its the big pharmas, folks, they want us to keep purchasing and using their products. They don’t want lost revenue.

The people are waking up to this and rallying all over Australia to fight for what is right. You cant keep nature away from us, it is dangerous.

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