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Okay, okay, I get it – this has nothing to do with growing cannabis in Australia. However, I don’t particularly care ;). In this post, I’ll be outlining the top 5 funny movies to watch stoned. This post is all according to MY sense of humour. I understand that everyone has different senses of humour!  So here goes;

Top 5 Funniest Movies to Watch Stoned.

5. 21 Jump Street – 2012

Released in cinemas in 2012, 21 Jump Street was a film inspired by a hit TV series from the ’80s. The TV series followed the stories of police officers from the LAPD and their investigations into crimes committed by school/college students. The 2012 movie follows the revival of the Jump Street police unit, in which the LAPD put some of their more youthful-looking officers undercover into schools in order to infiltrate the growing number of crimes happening between students.

The movie follows officers Morton Schmidt(Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko(Channing Tatum), some of the first officers to be bought back into the new and improved Jump Street police unit. Schmidt and Jenko are enrolled in Sagan High School, where there is a new, synthetic drug called “Holy Fucking Shit” or HFS for short. With its 5 stages – 1. “The Giggles” 2. “Tripping Major Ballsack” 3. “Over Falsity of Confidence” 4. “Fuck Yeah Motherfucker” and 5. “Asleepiness” – the drug seems pretty damn cool if you ask me. Schmidt and Jenko are enlisted to find the dealers and suppliers of the drug and along the way, get into some pretty sticky – yet hilarious – situations.

Other actors/actresses that star in this movie: Ice Cube, Dakota Johnson, Dave Franco and Holly Robinson Peete

4. Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay – 2008

The second instalment of the Harold and Kumar series is (in my opinion) the best of the 3. In “Escape from Guantanamo Bay”, Harold(John Cho) and Kumar(Kal Penn) find themselves in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp after being mistaken for terrorists on a flight to Amsterdam when Kumar decides to light a bong on the plane and other passengers mistake it for a bomb.

Whilst being held in Guantanamo Bay, other inmates attack the guards and Harold and Kumar manage to escape and start their journey to Texas, where they aim to meet an old college friend of Harold’s. Harold’s college friend’s family has some quite significant political connections and they hope that they’ll help them get out of their situation. Along their journey, they encounter many ridiculous situations, such as finding themselves in the middle of a KKK rally and even end up in a brothel with an old friend from the first movie.

Other actors/actresses who star in this movie: Neil Patrick Harris (need I say any more??) as well as Rob Corddry and Beverly D’Angelo.

3. Friday – 1995


It may be almost 25 years old, but almost every single stoner I’ve met would know exactly what you’re referencing if you said something along the lines of “it’s Friday, you ain’t got no job and you ain’t got shit to do.” or even just a simple “Daaaaaammmmnnnn!“.

Friday is a movie from 1995, starring Chris Tucker(Smokey) and Ice Cube(Craig Jones). It follows Craig and Smokey  – two unemployed best friends – through their not-so-typical Friday. Their day together begins with them wishing their day would become more exciting. Little do they know, their wish will soon become true, with a drug-dealer who wants his money by that night, and a series of events to get that money.

Other actors/actresses who star in this movie: John Witherspoon, Tomas “Tiny” Lister and Bernie Mac.

2. The night before – 2015

After Ethan(Joseph Gordon-Levitt)’s parents die in a car crash in December 2001, his best friends Isaac(Seth Rogen) and Chris(Anthony Mackie) make a vow to spend every Christmas Eve with him for the rest of their lives. Each year, the trio set out to acquire invites to The Nutcracka Ball(an exclusive Christmas party) but are unsuccessful. This tradition continues on until 2015 when Chris and Isaac decide it’s time for the tradition to end, much to Ethan’s dismay. That, however, changes, when Ethan manages to steal invites to The Nutcracka Ball whilst at work. This ends up tempting the others to once again, join him on the quest to attend the holy grail of Christmas parties.

To get into the party, there is a sort of scavenger hunt to find out the location of the party. They find themselves at the Rockefeller Tree, they meet up with their old high-school weed dealer, Mr Green, end up at Chris’ mum’s house, have a fight, resolve the fight and still make it to the party. Oh, and did I mention that Isaac(Seth Rogen) is TRIPPING BALLS the entire time? which makes it 10x funnier.

Other actors/actresses who star in this movie: Miley Cyrus, James Franco, and Mindy Kaling

1. This is the End – 2013

In This is the End, you come across one of the biggest A-list casts I’ve EVER seen in a movie. James Franco throws himself a housewarming party and invites all the famous(and less-famous) celebrities he knows. Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen attend the party(against Jay’s wishes) and enjoy themselves a hell of a lot. That is until the biblical apocalypse begins and a giant sink-hole kills pretty much every single person at the party – except for the main characters; James Franco, Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Jay Baruchel.

They find themselves as sitting ducks in James Franco’s house, gather up all the supplies in the house and ration it out. The movie then follows the group through the predicaments that come along with the world ending. Running out of food, encountering a giant, demonic monster, as well as doing a LOT of drugs. The whole movie is jam-packed with absolute crack-up lines so funny they had me crying and basically falling out of my chair in laughter. Still to this day, it remains one of my favourite movies to watch while stoned.

Other actors/actresses who star in this movie: Emma WatsonJason Segel and Michael Cera

And there you have it,

The top 5 funny movies to watch while stoned according to me. DISCLAIMER – I understand that not everyone has the same sense of humour as I do, so while these are my top 5 funny movies to watch while stoned, others may disregard these movies and think they’re complete and utter shit. If you disagree with this post, don’t tear me a new asshole, please.

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