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autoflowers with the best smell

Hi again, fam! It’s the end of the line for our current setup. It’s time to say goodbye to the old five by five. While it might seem sad, it’s actually a moment of excitement because it means we’re getting a new house! And guess what? We’re getting the keys tomorrow, a whole week sooner than expected.

Harvesting the Last Grow

So, today we’re chopping down the last two plants. One is 10 days older than the other, but both are ready to be harvested. The first one is a Mimosa Cake from Fast Buds, and it’s my very first fast Buds grow. Look at how beautifully she’s coloring out! I’m so happy with how she turned out. While she could go a bit longer, I don’t have the time to chop them both at separate times. So, they’re both coming down today.

Setting Up the Dry Tents

We’re going to pull these babies out and throw them into the dry tents. I know some of you might be wondering how we’re going to set up dry tents if we’re moving tomorrow. Well, I have about two weeks to move my apartment, so I’ll just let them hang out until I can’t anymore. They might be the last thing to come down, or we’ll bring them over as is.

Camera Equipment and New Setu

Camera equipment will be another issue we won’t have to deal with because we’ll have a setup to do this way better than before. We’re going to have a legit setup. This was my first office, and I love it, but it’s time for an upgrade. For those of you who’ve been here from the beginning, you know we’ve been using the old dry tents.

Discount Codes and Moving Plans

If you didn’t know, you can save some money off dry tents with our discount code. Check out or the links in the description. Some of you may be wondering how we’re going to move everything. Well, I do have about two weeks to move my apartment, so I’m just going to let the plants hang out until I can’t anymore.

Final Thoughts on the Grow

Now, let’s talk about the plants. The Mimosa Cake from ILGM seeds has turned out beautifully. She’s so colorful and frosty. I wonder what her dry weight will be. We’ll have to take down other plants too, like the Fast Buds Cherry Cola and the Humboldt Pound Town. They looked amazing last time I saw them.

Fast Buds and Other Strains

Fast Buds have been impressive. I really like the effects from them. They hit differently, which I like. They’re giving autos a whole new reputation. I’m definitely excited to try more once we get settled in the new house.

Training and Harvesting

We did some amazing training on these plants. All the buds are so dense and frosty. I’m really happy with how they turned out. The training paid off, and these are going to trim out nicely. I can’t wait to smoke this. Can we smoke it yet? It smells so good, like a tart berry with a hint of gas.

Organic Growth and Dry Weight

This was my first organic grow, and I think we’re going to get close to half a pound dry weight. I’m going to guess around 6.3 ounces. We’ll see once we get back to the new house. This is the first almost half-pound out of an auto for me, and I’m so excited about it.

Moving to the New House

I’m so excited about moving to the new house tomorrow. We’re going to have a lot more space and a better setup. This means more content and better quality videos for you guys. We’re also going to get more involved with our members, which I’m very excited about.

Final Thoughts and Gratitude

This has been an amazing journey, and I’m so grateful for all your support. You guys have been amazing, and I can’t wait to show you the new grow room and all the plans we have for the new place. It’s going to be a million times better.


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