Best Soil Mix for Cannabis Seedlings

If you are on the hunt for the best soil mix for cannabis seedlings, we have you covered. A good grower knows to have great plant, you need a great start. So lets go ahead and create the best soil mix for cannabis seedlings.

The soil mix we will be covering for these seedlings will consist of a good balance of aeration and nutrients. The more aeration in the soil, the better your plants roots can take in oxygen and expand more easily. The bigger the roots get, the bigger the plant.

So whats the best soil mix for cannabis seedlings?

Just about everyone has their own idea on the best soil mix for cannabis seedlings, some work, some don’t. Our specific mix involves the use of 50% Coco Coir & Perlite and 50% Canna Terra Professional soil. Add a bit of Bergman’s Seedling Fertiliser according to the feeding table below and you’ll be set. One of tabless is for soil grows and the other is for hydro.


Why Coco Coir?

Coco Coir is probably the most aerated soil you can get. It absorbs water quickly and flushes it out just as fast. This is good so chemicals don’t build up during your grow if you’re using chemical-based fertilisers. Mixing this with Canna Terra Professional adds nutrients to your grow medium.

You can pick up Coco Coir from Bunnings in bricks or bags. Bricks will expand as you water them while the Coco Coir bags are already fluffed out. I grow using the already fluffed out bags. You can ask the people where you buy the Coco Coir from how to use it if you need to. But it’s pretty straight forward, you’ll work it out relatively quickly.

Why Canna Terra Professional?

Canna Terra Professional has the right amount of nutrients and the right composition for cannabis seedlings. Cannabis itself is a weed that can grow almost anywhere but by giving the plant Canna Terra soil mixed with coco coir, it provides the plant with amazing aeration and an even better soil composition.

Use Perlite

Adding perlite to your grow medium will greatly improve aeration and drainage. Aim to have a mix of 70% soil and 30% perlite for optimal results.

Why Bergman’s Seedling Fertiliser?

Grow Time is specifically formulated for the vegetative phase of marijuana (beginning growing phase). So by using this fertiliser, you give your plant what it needs from the start.

Can I use this soil mix as an all-around grow medium?

You most definitely can. Plenty of growers use this soil mix as a growing medium for their plant all the way till it flowers (buds). Just make sure to change fertilisers accordingly to the different stages of marijuana.

For the first two weeks of growing use Bergman’s Seedling Fertiliser, for the next 4 weeks use Grow Time and for the last 8 weeks use Flower Time.

If you follow the feeding schedule above, you will find your plant-loving you for it. It will grow to monstrous proportions and reward you with a harvest of potent, high quality buds.


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  1. Jon says:

    Hi dudes, I need to buy some
    Grow nutrients as I have some indoor plants. New to this so
    I’m learning as I go along.
    The plants are just small at the moment but they require food. Worm pee is good also I’ve been told

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