Stealth PC Grow Boxes

pc grow boxes

One of the many things that cannabis growers think about is a way to grow cannabis in complete stealth. Many have turned to grow closets but sometimes that can be too ominous to grow with.

That’s where PC grow boxes come in. Its just a small shell. There isn’t any computer hardware installed inside its simply just a desktop PC’s shell with lights, ventilation and a tray for grow mediums.

Why is it so fascinating? Well if you do it right, you can get a 1oz harvest every 3 – 4 weeks using only 4 desktop PC shells with SOG as the grow method.

How Do I Grow With a PC Grow Box?

It’s not that much different to any indoor grow. You just need the PC’s shell, the right light for vegging and flowering, the correct soil, ventilation and fertilisers.

What PC shell do I buy?

It is recommended that you purchase a Chieftec BA-01 Case. This case provides ample space for pc box grows. It is one of the biggest cases available for PC’s thus a perfect solution for your grow. If you have a bigger PC case it just means a bigger grow for you.

Keeping it Stealth

If you want your set up to be completely stealth, you don’t want your friends to know right. Why? Well if your friends know about your PC grow, it won’t be stealth anymore really would it? Also you don’t want them asking for your home grown bud everyday. Don’t tell em..

You can even go as far as attaching a PC plate and extension cables to it. If your a bit of a wiz, install RaspberryPi that runs linux so the PC grow box looks like it has some purpose to it.

What Lighs do I Use?

For vegging and flowering, use only CFL lights in the PC grow box so the plants don’t burn. For vegging use a 85W 6500k CFL bulb and for flowering switch to a 125W, 2700k bulb.

What Soil Do I Use

To be get the best grow, use coco coir as it has incredible water and air retention rates. It is also extremely aerated which means roots can grow with ease in the medium.

Odor Control

To control the odor, build an active carbon filter using a 2 scythe gentle typhoon 1850 RPM fans. Use SCROG Screen to maintain the height of the plant(s).

What Cannabis Strain Do I Use?

To get the most out of your PC grow box space, we are going to use the strain big bud. Big bud grows in indoor climates really well so if you want a good first grow that produces large buds in faster time, go for big bud.

Whats the Setup:

  • Case: Chieftec BA-01 Case
  • Vegging: 85W 6500k CFL
  • Flowering: 125 2700k CFL
  • Fan-Controller: Scythe Kaze Master Ace (for temp reading and fan control)
  • Outtake: DIY Carbon filter (using 2x Scythe Gentle Typhoon 1850RPM fans)
  • Intake: DIY Lighttrap (using 1x Scythe Gentle Typhoon 1850RPM fan)


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