Dec 112019

Top 5 Funny Movies to Watch Stoned

Okay, okay, I get it – this has nothing to do with growing cannabis in Australia. However, I don’t particularly care ;). In this post, I’ll be outlining the top 5 funny movies to watch…Continue Reading

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Nov 282019

Coco Coir for Growing Marijuana

Coco coir for growing marijuana is a proven, safe and effective method to cultivating any garden. It is a perfect medium if you want soil that has great aeration and is excellent in retaining and…Continue Reading

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Sep 222019

Stealth PC Grow Boxes

pc grow boxes

One of the many things that cannabis growers think about is a way to grow cannabis in complete stealth. Many have turned to grow closets but sometimes that can be too ominous to grow with.…Continue Reading

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Jul 112018

Molasses: McDonalds for Marijuana

Molasses for cannabis growing

Molasses for cannabis growing isn’t a new thing, many growers around the world have sworn by this natural substance to increase plant yield and flavour for years. It is a very versatile product that not…Continue Reading

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