Hack Cannabis With AB-CHMINACA & JWH-018

Using AB-CHMINACA and JWH018 to grow marijuana

No doubt you’d be thinking is this an ethical post to make in respect to weed? Will I ever be able to live it down in my consciousness that I was tempted to use these chemicals to produce more potent buds? These are very powerful chemicals that shouldn’t be toyed with but if you want … Read more

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Free Cannabis Grow Guide for Aussies

Free Cannabis Grow Guide Cover

Welcome Australian newcomers and seasoned vets alike to Canna Grow Hacks, an up and coming 420 friendly community. Our websites goal is to be a weed hub for Aussies and others from around the globe. We provide outdoor grow guides, indoor grow guides, seed bank & strain reviews, Q&A, marijuana videos, Australian cannabis news and … Read more

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Growing Weed Outdoors Guerilla Style in Australia

Guerilla Growing in Australia

This article is about growing weed outdoors guerilla style in Australia. If your looking for ways to grow weed with the least chances of getting busted, this post is for you! But firstly, there are some necessary steps to take to grow cannabis successfully with or without Guerilla grow tactics. It’s always important to acknowledge … Read more

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How To Grow Cannabis Indoors in Australia

Grow Cannabis Indoors Australia

If you are interested in growing your first cannabis indoor plants in Australia, as a new grower, you have to deal with a unique set of challenges. The sheer amount of information available on the topic can prove overwhelming, but the good news is you can make an impressive start by taking care of a … Read more

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