Hack Cannabis With AB-CHMINACA & JWH-018

Using AB-CHMINACA and JWH018 to grow marijuana

No doubt you’d be thinking is this an ethical post to make in respect to weed? Will I ever be able to live it down in my consciousness that I was tempted to use these chemicals to produce more potent buds? These are very powerful chemicals that shouldn’t be toyed with but if you want to “hack” your cannabis, this is one way to do it. But be cautious – these substances are toxic and illegal in some countries.

Here’s a short Vice documentary to quickly tackle this subject.

AB-CHMINACA for Cannabis

AB-CHMINACA is a THC substitute but is 16x more potent when smoked. How it is applied to cannabis or other plant matter is another question. Frequently asked questions include; Where do I get it? How do I use it? Is it sprayed on the dried bud or used on the soil during plant growth?

So many questions and not enough answers.


If you’re looking to get your hands on AB-CHMINACA, we did a bit of digging up and found that you may be able to source it from this website – https://www.novachem.com.au/shop/product/s-107-1ml-ab-chminaca-metabolite-m4-478205?page=205.

This is an Australian website so if you are a local you may need a permit or a license to obtain it. We haven’t ever purchased AB-CHMINACA before or sourced it from NovaChem so that’s up to you to discover.

If you have questions about the use of AB-CHMINACA for cannabis, we recommend you check out a non-biased web community like Reddit.

Legalities of AB-CHMINACA

Australia – According to this PDF from an Australian government website, in 2015, AB-CHMINACA became a Schedule 1 – Temporary exemptions controlled substance.

United States – In 2015, AB-CHMINACA was declared a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

Germany – In May 2015, Germany made AB-CHMINACA an Anlege II controlled substance.

China – In October 2015, AB-CHMINACA became a controlled substance in the country.

Switzerland – From December 2015, any use of AB-CHMINACA is illegal in Switzerland.

Russian – The Russian Federation has the same stance as Switzerland with AB-CHMINACA – effectively making the substance illegal nationwide.

JWH018 for Marijuana

The substance JWH018 also mimics cannabis but you need less amounts to feel the same high that THC produces. Users claim JWH018 is four to five times stronger than the effects of most cannabis strains.

Buy JWH018

Just like before we haven’t the faintest idea of how to use this stuff but we found a place to get it online. Just make sure to read reviews on the vendor and products before purchasing. Here’s the link: https://www.globalsources.com/products/jwh-018.html

Legalities of JWH-018 (aka spice)

Austria – The legalities of JWH-018 remain under review in Austria. In December 2008, the Ministry of Health in Austria declared that it will be a controlled substance due to the reasoning that the substances’ effects on the body alter the functions of the body.

Australia – In October 1015, under Australian law, JWH-018 is a Schedule 9 prohibited substance according to the Poisons Standard. This means this substance has a high probability of being misused or abused. The only way to obtain it down under is to have approval from the Commonwealth or relevant authorities to use the substance for scientific and/or medical studies or for educational reasons.

Canada – The country states that JWH-018 is a substance that is controlled but it doesn’t appear to be in schedule 2 synthetic cannabinoids in legislation. There is a debate in Canada whether JWH-018 is similar to other synthetic preparations but it doesn’t fit under the umbrella as it is of a different chemical composition.

China – It’s clear China doesn’t want anything to do with this substance. The sale, exportation or importation of JWH-018 is illegal.

Ireland – From the 11th of May 2010, an instant ban was put in place for the chemical JWH-018.

Jordan – It’s completely against the law to possess, use, manufacture, sell or distribute JWH-018 after the “Joker” outbreak.

Sweden – As of 15 September 2009, a bill was passed to ban JWH-018 completely.

Effects of AB-CHMINACA and JWH018

The substances AB-CHMINACA and JWH018 are synthetic cannabinoids that we’re formulated to substitute the effects of cannabis’ intoxicating chemical compound THC. However, these two substances are more potent and can cause adverse effects for long-term or big users.

The use of real cannabis will give you a high that is more natural, anything with AB-CHMINACA and JWH018 will give you a weird high that is WAY more intense – which can be great or turn horribly wrong. We’ve had experiences with spice and Kronic before and it just wasn’t right. The high was completely artificial, it gave us a 30-minute high, one of us passed out for 2 hours, one of us spewed, and most of us got a headache, it was awful.

If you partake in cannabis, spice or kronic use, look after your well-being. Whether it’s physical, mental, spiritual or emotional, substance abuse may affect you if you overdo it or have a history of mental illness in your family. Just take things in moderation at the very least if you have to.

The prolonged use of products containing AB-CHMINACA and JWH018 can lead to:

  • memory problems
  • paranoia
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • hallucinations
  • confusion
  • psychosis

Over time some develop conditions such as schizophrenia, psychosis, depression and anxiety. The severity of these conditions would depend on several factors – amount and frequency of use, drug(s) used, the chemical composition of the drug(s), quality, family history etc.

In our opinion and our end decision, it’s not worth it to use synthetic cannabinoids in an already beautiful plant. If you want more potent buds, just grow it right and choose a strain that is higher in THC content.

When you go artificial, the chemicals used are very unpredictable and it just makes you think? What chemicals are they using? Are there any other unnatural additives they’re using? Should I smoke this stuff? It’s a bit of an iffy situation but to some, there’s no other option – it’s the only weed around in some places.

Ethical dealers are turning away from using CHMINACA and JWH018 though due to their toxicity. It’s also highly addictive which unethical dealers take advantage of.

The rise of CHMINACA and JWH018 contaminated weed has soared to an all-time high. Everyday growers to high profile gangs hack their “weed” with these substances to make it more potent to make more profit.


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