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Welcome Australian newcomers and seasoned vets alike to Canna Grow Hacks, an up and coming 420 friendly community. Our websites goal is to be a weed hub for Aussies and others from around the globe. We provide outdoor grow guides, indoor grow guides, seed bank & strain reviews, Q&A, marijuana videos, Australian cannabis news and much more.

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Want a more in depth – expertly crafted cannabis grow book instead?

Try out the famous marijuana grow bible here written by the amazing Ryan Riley.

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We’re only new (we’re 1 year old as of 12/2020) but we’re aiming to build a friendly Aussie cannabis community that has a fresh vibe. We welcome new members from all walks of life and encourage any participation. This website is still in beta mode, so if you have any input about this whole thing, we’d truly appreciate it. You’re feedback helps.

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Why download the Free Cannabis Grow Guide for Aussies?

Well this isn’t really easy to word, its just remarkable. The years it took (and still going!) to compile all that knowledge in one tiny bit sized PDF file. Don’t be mistaken, although it comes in such a little package, the brains behind it is big.

We haven’t come across a free grow guide for marijuana that is as vast and superior as ILGM’s work of art – YES! It’s art. Because the precision, the facts, the myths, the love and years of perfecting this piece make it an art form. When it comes to growing cannabis in Australia, this eBook is the one to follow.

Learn the most you can from this PDF, trust us! You can get better quality & yield, you can learn new techniques or improve on your current ones, it’s up to you what you do with this cannabis cultivation eBook.

Hundreds of thousands of users have already downloaded the guide, that includes Aussies!

ILGM’s free Cannabis Grow Guide is for everyone including us folk from down under. That’s because you can easily apply the knowledge from the guide to growing marijuana here in Australia.

Whats the catch?

Well, your gonna hate it.. But.. You’re gonna have to put your email down 😂. You’ll get an email with the download link and VIOLA! You will have access to the best, most up to date and free grow guide for cannabis. Don’t tell your friends though, they might outgrow you haha.

A Free Australian Cannabis Grow Guide

This is a super easy to understand, factual and free marijuana grow guide that you can follow as an Aussie. Although this cannabis growing eBook isn’t written for Aussies exactly, you can simply change things like units e.g. gallons to litres using a free online conversion tool. You just enter the gallons in the tool and it will convert it to litres for you.

Get the most from your grow!

A lot of people don’t really read up on growing weed properly at first and rather rally on what they’ve been told or by trial & error.

If you read the free Aussie marijuana grow guide however, you will have a leg up on these people as you will have 30+ years of cannabis growing experience guiding you. There’s some incredibly beneficial tips & techniques, advanced growing tactics and knowledge only an expert can give in this eBook.

Give it a go! It’s a totally free growing guide for weed that covers everything you need to know – and if its not covered, you can actually contact the creators and they may just include it in the eBooks next release.

The only real downside is, this PDF marijuana growing guide may not be written with the Aussie lingo, but the information contained inside is still nonetheless powerful and relevant.

What’s in this Free Cannabis Grow Guide?

Chapter 1 – Before you start

  • Preface
  • Types of marijuana
  • Marijuana seeds
  • Where to grow

Chapter 2 – Indoor marijuana growing

  • Indoor growing
  • Lights
  • Germination
  • Germination Soil
  • Seedlings
  • Watering seedlings
  • Transplanting seedlings
  • Vegetative growth
  • Water and lighting
  • Soil control
  • Nutrients and feeding
  • Pruning
  • Environmental factors
  • Determining sex
  • Forced flowering
  • Pest and problems
  • Security

Chapter 3 – Outdoor marijuana growing

  • Outdoor growing
  • Soil
  • Sowing the seeds
  • Germination
  • Weeding
  • Light
  • Watering
  • Weather
  • Flowering
  • Pests and problems
  • Companion planting
  • Natural predators
  • Repellent methods
  • Security

Chapter 4 – Harvesting

  • The harvest
  • Preparation
  • Drying
  • Storage

Enjoy the Weed Growing Guide!

Now you have an idea of you what you will be reading about. When your ready to start growing cannabis the way the experts do, you know where to find this guide. Bookmark this page for later and please share it.


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