Buying Autoflower Cannabis Seeds in Australia? Read This..

There’s a lot of talk about Autoflower cannabis strains and for good reason! They are incredibly efficient, versatile and can suit just about anybody with all the different hybrids on the market. If you are in a state where cannabis seed collection and/or cultivation is legal, this post is for you.

But.. Will Autoflower cannabis seeds grow outdoors in Australia? Will I get a decent yield in its 3 month grow period? What are the best Autoflower marijuana strains?

We’ll answer your questions down the line but for now, let’s cover a few things.

What is autoflowering cannabis?

The autoflowering cannabis strains automatically switch from the vegetative growth phase to the flowering stage. These strains do not require any shift in the light cycle to trigger flowering. The autoflowering strains produce resinous buds that appear after a specific time.

This trait takes away the inconvenience of changing the light cycle and proves extremely useful for indoor growers. On the other hand, photoperiod cannabis strains cannot flower on their own, and they require a change in the light cycle to start flowering.

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How did cannabis develop the autoflowering trait?

It is believed marijuana developed the autoflowering trait to better address harsh environmental challenges. The adaptation to environmental conditions led to the development of a gene that allows the cannabis plant to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Russia, Central Europe, and Central Asia.

Primarily, autoflowering gene emerged in cannabis ruderalis. These subspecies developed resilience to flourish in the regions with cold and often harsh weather conditions. Autoflower cannabis subspecies thrive in Russia and Central Asia despite shorter growing seasons and colder temperatures, thanks to their growth that depends upon time period instead of lighting patterns. Therefore, they ensure reproduction to take place before temperature plummets.

The best of both worlds

Like Sativa and Indica, cannabis Ruderalis possesses a specific cannabinoid profile. By combining the characteristics of Sativa and Indica along with the autoflowering feature of Ruderalis, growers produce hybrid strains with amazing effects, unmatched terpenes, and light-independent growth cycles.
The hybrid strains allow growers to get their yield in a shorter time period while they offer users unprecedented effects along with pleasant taste and aroma profiles. In this way, these autoflowering strains offer something to everyone.

What are the benefits of autoflowering strains?

There are certain advantages associated with the cultivation of autoflowering strains. Many of the growers love these strains for a multitude of reasons. In the following lines, you will go through some of the most striking advantages of these strains.

Shorter life cycle

The shorter life cycle of autoflowering strain attract growers seeking out prompt yield. Their hardy nature makes them suitable for the new and veteran growers alike. The speedy vegetative and flowering enable autoflowering strains to complete their life cycle within 7-10 weeks. Their fast-yielding trait gives them a clear advantage over photoperiod strains with relatively long life cycles.

Fewer light demands

Autoflower growers do not need to worry about shifting the light patterns as their cultivars grow. They usually select a simple light schedule of 18 hours on and 6 hours off for the entire duration of their plants’ growth cycle. The fewer light demands of these plants mean growers can provide an adequate amount of light while saving on energy.

The autoflowering strains do not depend upon a shift in the lighting cycle to trigger the flowering stage. Therefore, they extend flexibility that the majority of growers love to have.

Unmatched resilience

The genetic makeup of ruderalis gives them strength and resilience to weather the harsh weather conditions of northern latitude. By default, they are well equipped to deal with extremely unfavorable conditions.
The genes from these sturdy subspecies allow hybrid autoflowering strains to fend off themselves. Therefore, autoflowering cannabis strains show excellent resilience against plant infestations and do well to protect themselves from the yield-ruining mold.

Fewer nutrient requirements

The autoflowering strains require fewer nutrients and fertilizers thanks to their speedy growth and small stature. Since these plants are way less hungry than photoperiod strains, they can strive in less-nutritious soil.

Where do I buy Autoflower marijuana strains in Australia?

When it comes to purchasing autoflowering seeds in Australia, you can count on several overseas seed banks to get reliable quality seeds. The following lines show a brief overview of the seed banks that can supply quality autoflower marijuana seeds in Australia.

 Get Cannabis Seeds in the USA

If you have been around the marijuana scene for some time, you might have heard the name I Love Growing Marijuana or the short ILGM. It is a legit company established by a cannabis growing enthusiast. With above-average policies, quality products, and exceptional customer service, they can go above and beyond your expectations.

High quality seeds
With a relatively limited number of strains that ILGM offers, they are able to focus on the quality of each cannabis strain. Their highly controlled breeding process allows them to produce top-notch genetics. No wonder their seeds come with a germination guarantee.

In fact, ILGM uses the germination guarantee to set themselves apart from the rest since such warranties are very rare in the market. Many brands find it hard to guarantee the germination rate since it depends upon both the seeds’ quality and growers’ skills.

ILGM is able to offer germination guarantees because they supply growers with higher quality seeds and self-explanatory grow guides. That helps, and even novice growers can get good results.

Speedy & Discreet shipments
Fast and reliable shipments seem a priority for ILGM, and it is evident from the customer reviews posted online showing how fast people received their orders. You can choose from two shipment options that offer standards and discreet stealthy shipments. That shows this seed bank takes care of their customers and offer them flexible shipment options to address their varying requirements.

You can enjoy free shipment of seeds from ILGM with an order over $150, while charges for all orders below $150 are $25. After confirmation of the payment, they will deliver your shipment to your address in Australia in two weeks.

Crop King

Crop King is a customer-centered seed bank that really cares about the satisfaction of their customers. With a larger strain and seed variety, they offer superior quality seeds. They often offer discounts and coupons to allow their customers to purchase their seeds at discounted prices.
Their guaranteed delivery costs you $60, and you will receive your package three weeks after the confirmation of your payment.

Autoflower cannabis strains

A variety of autoflower cannabis strains are out there. Each autoflower cannabis strain exhibits several distinguishing characteristics. For example, they may vary in terms of yield, THC content, and ease of maintenance from each other. The following lines shed light on the top five autoflowering strains.

White Widow Autoflower strain

This indica dominant hybrid strain is famous for its high cerebral effects that accompany a mellow sense of relaxation. With THC content as high as 19%, you will experience chill happy vibes to uplift your mood while giving you a pure sense of ease and relaxation. If you are looking to grow your plants at home, White Widow Autoflowering is your go-to strain.
These autoflowering seeds grow into a compact size plant that takes eight weeks to flower. You can get 4 to 6oz of yield per every 3×3 ft of your garden. With earthy, herbal, sweet taste and pungent, woody smell, the White Widow Autoflower seeds are popular among cannabis enthusiasts.

White Widow Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Australia
White White Auto

Blueberry Autoflower strain
Blueberry Autoflower seeds produce easy to grow plants with great buds. This indica dominant strain can contain THC as high as up to 14%. The compact size of the plant and its ability to produce high yield are the features that make Blueberry Autoflower strain popular among both novice and veteran growers alike.

If you are looking to unwind at the end of a long tiring day, this strain can provide you the relaxation you require to shed off your worries and stress. The indica forward blend showers you with pure relaxation and provide you a solid end of the day enjoyment.

Blueberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Australia
Blueberry Auto

Gorilla Glue Autoflower strain
Gorilla Glue Autoflower strain is a 50-50 hybrid strain that you can grow in a small grow space with little maintenance. Its Ruderalis genetic lineage enables it to weather the temperature and light fluctuation both in outdoor and indoor sites.
Gorilla Glue Autoflowering seeds produce green, potent buds extremely fast. With THC levels up to 26%, it can create a potent cerebral effect that enables you to unwind and relax at the end of a day. The earthy, pine smell of Gorilla Glue Autoflowering strain makes you feel happy and uplifted.

Gorilla Glue Autoflower Seeds Australia
Gorilla Glue Auto

AK-47 Autoflower strain
AK-47 Autoflower strain is famous for a strong sense of relaxation and clear-headedness. As you smoke AK-47, you will experience an extra-long high with uncontrollable giggles. The potent, long-lasting high feeling that creates a perfect sense of relaxation is among the reasons growers love to cultivate that strain.
The AK-47 Autoflowering marijuana strain requires a nicely ventilated space with a perfect humidity level. These plants that thrive in cool temperatures require a lot of fresh air and sun since they are susceptible to mold and bud rot.

AK 47 Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Australia
AK 47 Auto

Northern Lights Autoflower strain
The highly resilient Northern Lights Autoflower strain plants grow fast, flower quickly, and produce buds absolutely covered in resin. With a spicy and sweet aroma, it tastes excellent and creates unmatched euphoric and relaxation effects.
Northern Lights Autoflower strain is easy to grow, and it can produce high yields under suitable environmental and climate conditions. Its resilience against diseases makes it an excellent autoflowering cannabis strain for beginners to try growing.

The small and compact plants of Norther Lights Autoflower marijuana strain prefer a sunny Mediterranean climate. With 56 days of the average flowering period, this strain ends up producing a fairly large output. You can get a yield as high as 4 ounces of marijuana from 3 square feet of the plant.

Northern Lights Marijuana Seeds Australia
Northern Lights Auto

Will Autoflower strains grow outdoors in Australia?

Are you looking to grow autoflower strains outdoor in Australia? The good news is you can fulfill your dream of autoflower cannabis cultivation with a little bit of extra care to protect plants from harsh environmental conditions such as excessive heat.
When the temperature rises during the summer, it can hurt the growth of your plants. Either you need to grow your plants in moveable pots, or you need to provide a shadow to protect plants from the scorching heat.
As a rule of thumb, your plants need protection from the sun as temperature touches the 40-degree mark. Make sure your plants get specific PH levels and keep them safe from root/plant shock.
If you are ready to exercise this bit of care, you can successfully grow autoflower strain in Australia.

Highest yielding Autoflowering cannabis strain:

Northern Lights Autoflowering strain can get ready to harvest around ten weeks after the germination has taken place. These plants can thrive both in cold and mild climates. Whether you grow it indoors or outdoors, it can deliver insane amounts of buds under favorable conditions. It can reward growers with a large yield even under unfavorable conditions thanks to its sturdy nature.

If you are looking to grow high yielding autoflowering strain, Northern Lights with larger output can live up to your expectations.

Most potent Autoflower strain:

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower strain. For growers who like to cultivate the most potent autoflower strain, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower strain could be their ultimate choice. With THC content as high as 27% the buds of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower are potent enough to blow you away while showering you in pure relaxation.

You would love the high and effects of this potent autoflowering strain. This strain flowers fast while produces buds that are rich in THC content.

Best Autoflower Strain for Australia

What is the best autoflower strain to grow in Australia in our opinion?

There is no definite answer to that question. Our recommendation of the best autoflower strain for Australia ultimately comes down to our past experience. The people who prefer a higher yield could likely choose growing the autoflower strains that can produce larger amounts of buds. Probably they would go for Blueberry Autoflower strain that yields larger output under suitable conditions. For more details, please visit seed bank Australia for more information.

If you weigh the potency of autoflower strain higher than other traits, you will look for the strains that produce yields containing higher THC levels. In this case, you may decide to grow AK-47 Autoflower strain or Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

The growers who attach greater importance to plant resilience may choose Northern Lights Autoflower strain. In this way, your personal preferences determine the best strain that you can grow in Australia. No matter what trait you value more, you can find an autoflower strain from ILGM that perfectly matches your set criteria.


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