Harvesting Cannabis In Backyard: Tools And Equipment You Need

Harvesting your own cannabis at home has never been so relieving for the consumers. However, things have changed since December 2018 when Farm Bill was passed in the house. Besides, the equipment and tools to harvest a great yield are also easily available now.

If you’re also thinking of growing your own herbs in your backyard or basement, here is the Cannabis Harvest Equipment you should be gathering.


Perhaps, the basic and most essential tool that you’ll need is a good pair of scissors.

You’ll need an ergonomic and comfortable pair of scissors that are easy to clean.

Note that as you use your scissors, they will get sticky. And, as a result, a little difficult to work with.

To ease things around, you can search for a spring-loaded pair of scissors. This way, even if they get sticky you’ll still be trimming your buds with more ease.

You may also invest in pruners for cutting branches. The scissors will typically be handy for precision shearing.

Clean Tray/Bowl

When you’re trimming your buds, you would want to store them in a clean place. Besides, most of the foreign impurities enter your final produce during trimming and pruning.

So, what you can do to avoid contaminating your yield, is use a clean tray/bowl.

You can use the tray to store and transport your buds before they are processed.

Remember, you should always choose a clean place to put your buds. Make sure the tray or bowl is clean, dirt-free, residue-free, and also does not have any hair strands sticking to the sides.

You should also keep some rubbing alcohol and rags for cleaning. Rubbing alcohol can help get rid of any resins gunked on the tray/bowl.


Once you have trimmed and pruned your cannabis, you would want to maintain the temperature and humidity in the storage space.

Trimmed buds already contain a lot of moisture from all the irrigation. And you need to get rid of the moisture, to protect your harvest from growing fungus.

Perhaps, investing in a good set of dryers should help. But, when you’re using dryers, make sure you set them at the right temperature. You wouldn’t want your buds to be too dry or too moist.

The temperature and moisture content can affect the trichomes and flavors of your buds.

How To Harvest Cannabis?

It is noteworthy that harvesting Cannabis is not the same as harvesting wheat or barley. There are specific conditions to harvesting every crop.

For cannabis, you should try dry trimming. The process involves pruning the plants and then hanging them to dry out. Finally, the dried buds are trimmed with the help of precision scissors.

Alternatively, if you still choose to wet trim, you may need to dry your buds out after trimming.

The Takeaway

Now that you know what tools and equipment you need, and you also know how to trim down your cannabis, we suggest you get down to the chopping.

Make sure you also keep first aid kits handy, in case you accidentally scratch yourself while trimming. Also, it would be best if you could use protective gloves while trimming the plants. It’s for your own safety.


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