Growers Guide: Tricks to Increase Terpene Content in Cannabis Plants

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds extracted from a series of cannabis plants. This component is aromatic and contains a series of therapeutic benefits. Here’s everything you wish to know about terpenes.

What are terpenes?

There are thousands of types of terpenes. It is widely known for containing the unique floral aroma of lavender and a tinge of different spices like black pepper. The same fragrance differs based on the plant it is extracted from. When plants attract pollinators, it’s common for terpenes to change their fragrance and general nature.

According to Jeff Chen, Founder of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, “Terpenes are not unique to cannabis; however, cannabis happens to produce hundreds of different terpenes and tends to produce an abundant amount, hence the strong aroma,”

Almost all strains of cannabis contain different terpene compositions, which alters the overall herbal fragrance and brings some subtle changes to its effectiveness.

Do terpenes affect your body?

Terpenes alone aren’t enough to make you feel high. Many researchers believe that terpenes can alter the therapeutic effects and sensational benefits you seek from smoking cannabis extracts. Most cannabis therapeutic properties are associated with the blend of THC and CBD. On the contrary, terpenes offer a more subtle and indirect benefit, especially when blended with cannabis concentrates.

In this regard, Stacia Woodcock, a Clinical Cannabis Pharmacist, says, “Different terpenes affect the body differently. Some have a more energetic or uplifting effect, and some are more relaxing or sedating.”

Woodcock continues, “Terpenes are also thought to have an additive therapeutic effect of their own, and more research is being done to further understand their potential benefit and use for various symptoms and disease states.”

Terpene cultivation –

With the increasing demand for terpenes in the cannabis market, more and more business people are looking forward to investing in terpenes. Such is its impact that it made many entrepreneurs turn into terpene growers. This has shown a positive effect on people looking forward to Terpene Financing sources. And why not when it offers you so many perks! If you belong to the same business type, here’s how to expand your terpene cultivation.

Pick high-quality genetics – It may interest you to know that not all strains are cultivated with the same approach, which impacts their quality. Being picky about genetics is one of the reasons you see a significant impact on the final product extracted. Maybe that’s the reason why the best growers in the world cannot ditch weed that looks like super silver haze. When it comes to buying seeds, avoid skimming so you can have a fragrant strain at last.

Light exposure – The process of growing flavorful cannabis involves light exposure as its integral part. As compared to the outdoor, natural light, the indoor lights work as a much healthier alternative. This is because indoor lights offer a better range of spectrum in any manner possible.

Prefer growing it in soil – No matter if you are growing cannabis outdoor or indoor, prefer growing the cannabis plant in quality soil. This tends to produce a better flavorful product. Here, many growers co-relate it with the complex series of nutrient profiles often found in soils. But ensure you are specific to the soil selection and region from where you extract soil.

Flush the cannabis plants – Here, the trick is to stop feeding the cannabis plant right before two weeks of harvesting it. This fastens up the nutrient build-up while overpowering the flavors making the process effective and quality. Furthermore, when you feed your plants with a pure water source, you are likely to wash out all excessive nutrients. This will leave you with an aromatic and clean product at last.

Follow the low-stress training technique –

Even the minor stress level can go beyond your expectations, especially regarding the trichomes production. Here, you can settle for some low-stress training processes which prove more intense than the traditional approach. Such strategies prove helpful to get better and flavorful buds. You can begin the training by tying branches down that helps to transfer direct energy during the flowering phase. As a result, you will be able to grow more trichomes. If required, you can remove the fan leaves around the buds and expose the plants to nighttime temperatures the most.

Bud handling – Trichomes are highly sensitive and fragile. Thus, every time you handle a bud, you are destroying some amount of delicate trichomes. You can prevent this by controlling the buds gently and limiting how you move buds.

Harvesting time – Leaving the plants open for too long can result in trichomes breaking down gradually. This may require altering the chemical compounds as well. You can observe the changing color of trichomes using a magnifying glass. This helps to determine the harvesting stage better.

Types of terpenes –

Different terpene types are common to vary their therapeutic properties and perks. While some work as an excellent anti-inflammatory element, others may soothe your anxiety issues from the core. Here are some common terpene types to know about –

Caryophyllene – This one is responsible for infusing that spicy spark of black pepper in terpenes. This one is most commonly found in rosemary, cloves, hops, and much more. In 2014, researchers conducted a study on caryophyllene and its different benefits. The results showed it contains anti-inflammatory properties making it suitable for human beings too.

Alpha-pinene – It’s one of the most abundant compounds in nature. Alpha-pinene is found in pine trees, cannabis plants, Spanish sage, and much more. It consists of anxiety soothing properties and holds the potential to bind to neurotransmitter sites in the human brain.

Limonene – This one is found in cannabis, citrus fruits, lemon rind, etc. Many preclinical types of research revealed it to contain anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, wound-healing, and much more.

The last word –

Terpenes come with their unique traits, leaving some degree of positive impact on the human body. It is a concentrated substance belonging to the cannabis family. Therefore, it is advisable to consume it in close consideration with an expert or cannabis professional.


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