Molasses: McDonalds for Marijuana

Molasses for cannabis growing

Molasses for cannabis growing isn’t a new thing, many growers around the world have sworn by this natural substance to increase plant yield and flavour for years. It is a very versatile product that not only can be consumed by humans and animals, but plants also love it.

What is molasses?

Molasses is a thick, dark substance that is a by product of sugar cane. When the sugar is stripped from the raw sugar cane juice, you are left with white sugar and molasses. It is usually used as a sweetener in desserts, made into a remedy for ailments, or added to animal food. But since this by product is jam packed with vitamins and minerals, it also makes it a perfect addition to growing.

Why is molasses so beneficial to cannabis plants?

Molasses is highly nutritional but that isn’t what it is primarily used for in terms of growing cannabis. It is typically used for its carbohydrate content which is what feeds the microorganisms in the soil. Feed these little guys in the soil and they will better feed your plant.

Cannabis plants thrive from soil that is rich in nutrients and microorganisms. By using molasses, not only do you provide your plants with nutrients, but you provide the microorganisms in the soil with carbohydrates for food.

Microorganisms are a huge deal in terms of growing cannabis because the bacteria and fungi in the soil (microorganisms) are needed for breaking down plant matter and recycling plant waste. Not only that but microorganisms in soil create soil structure, fix nitrogen issues, promote plant growth and control pest and diseases.

Will it make my marijuana buds bigger?

molasses for cannabis growing

Since you are feeding the micro-organisms in your soil food (more food than it usually gets), the answer is yes as it helps increase the breakdown rate of organic matters i.e cow manure to nitrogen after which the plant absorbs faster. Since its getting more food to do its job, it feeds the plant quicker and allows it to absorb more nutrients than it normally would in its time growing.

Can I use any molasses products?

No. For growing purposes, only use the unsulphured blackstrap molasses variety available here. You don’t want to use the sulphured variety as it contains both sulphur and sulphur dioxide which basically kills the microbial activity in your soil. You don’t want that at all, you want to increase the microbial activity in your soil to allow your plants to absorb more nutrition.

How do I apply molasses to my grow?

There are a few ways you can go about using molasses for growing cannabis. The easiest method would be to add 1-3 tablespoons of molasses to 5 litres of water. It is recommended to add more or less molasses depending on your plants preferences. Its a good idea to test out different mixes with different plants. Once you have the water and molasses mix ready, you can begin spraying the leaves and soaking the roots with the mixture every time you water your plants.

Always watch out for any changes to your plant, take note of growth, burns, pests, diseases etc. As mentioned above, a handy benefit of molasses is that it helps repel pests and diseases.

If you’re using molasses im your grow, its effects will fully display once your marijuana plants enter the flowering stage.

Soil Treatment

A week or so before planting in your soil, soak it with the above mixture of Molasses and water everyday until you plant. This will give the microorganisms food and time to work to get the foundation of your soil ready. Remember this one!

Molasses and compost tea

An amazing way to dramatically improve soil content and plant health is to create a cannabis molasses compost tea. A compost tea of this nature will allow you to build an incredible array of nutrients, enzymes and microorganisms for your plant. If you want to improve even the worst quality of soils, add a molasses based compost tea.

Molasses for Cannabis Growing

To wrap things up, if you’re looking for a way to up your game with growing cannabis, molasses should not be ignored and applied as mentioned in this article. It’s powerful nutritional content and carbohydrates are perfect for your plant to develop its foundation for growth. Keep feeding the microorganisms in the soil molasses and it will feed your plant nutrition better and faster. Molasses for cannabis growing is the perfect addition to any grow.


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