Review on the ViparSpectra 1000w Dimmable LED Grow Light for Cannabis

led 1000w grow light viparspectra

Hello everyone, here’s another post from CGH hope you enjoy. Today we’re writing about our experience with the 1000w ViparSpectra dimmable grow light for cannabis. And we’ll tell ya, it’s pretty awesome!

But first,

How did we find out about the ViparSpectra 1000w LED grow light and why were we convinced?

Well, it was actually a friend of ours who was experimenting with different lights on their marijuana plants and he used the 1000w ViparSpectra as one of the lights. He mentioned that this light perfectly replaced his 400w HPS light and only ran at 230 watts which reduced his electricity bill a fair bit.

We thought, heck yeah!

So not only do LED grow lights consume less energy, but they output more brightness (lumens) than HPS, MH, CFLs or Incandescent grow lights per wattage.

LEDs produce more grams per watt!

To put things into perspective, a 600w HPS grow light can give you a harvest of up to 250 – 300 grams for its light coverage which adds up to roughly half a gram per watt. LEDs on the other hand can produce 1 – 1.5 grams per watt. In the end, it’s cheaper and better to go with LEDs but don’t stop yourself from experimenting.

To get the best results from using the ViparSpectra 1000w light for growing weed, turn the veg and bloom dimmer all the way up to 100% brightness. Your weed plants will benefit from the different light spectrums and intensity of the lights. Remember, the sun outside is very intense and contains the complete light spectrum so if cannabis can survive that, it can easily survive LED based grow lights.

Just don’t turn up the veg & bloom dimmer to 100% brightness too early or you’re plants may be adversely affected by the lights. However, the makers of this particular LED grow light say you can use the veg & bloom dimmer together (at 100% brightness) throughout all the phases of growing marijuana.

Light Height

You should hang the ViparSpectra 1000w LED grow lights at different heights depending on what phase your cannabis plants are in. Heres some rough height guidelines to follow for your plants in their different phases;

Seedling Phase

For the seedling phase, we recommend hanging the lights 24 – 36 inches above the canopy

Vegetative Phase

For the vegetative phase, we recommend hanging the lights 12-24 inches above the canopy

Flowering (Budding) Phase

For the flowering phase, we recommend hanging the lights 18-24 inches above the canopy

Rule of Thumb

The general rule of thumb here is to keep your cannabis seedlings at a good distance away from the light to prevent them from drying or getting burnt and when they’re established & in the vegetative stage you can move the lights closer to your plants’ canopy. When they reach the flowering phase, move the lights higher to avoid any possible light burn issues.

ViparSpectra 1000w LED Grow Light Heat Output

This unit is pretty powerful, as we mentioned it perfectly replaces a 400w HPS grow light but its heat output and energy consumption is considerably less in comparison. The ViparSpectra 1000w LED grow light only consumes 230w but we reckon it’s a bit hotter than the more pricey LED grow lights you can get. With a tent with only 2 mini fans, the temperatures were averaging 28-34c in the grow tent which is kind of high. In saying that though, this unit is pretty damn cheap and does a wonderful job at producing fat, stinky buds nonetheless.

What can I do to reduce the heat in my grow tent?

To reduce the temperature, invest in some decent fans and a good exhaust system. When we first used the ViparSpectra 1000w grow light for cannabis, we didn’t worry too much about the heat as we wanted to see how our plants would perform with little temperature control. We simply had two small USB fans. One blowing air to the plants and one blowing air out of the top of the grow tent.

If you want to maintain good temps at all times, get a two speed oscillating fan from eBay and consider getting an exhaust system for your grow tent. Oscillating fans rotate/blow air from side to side which is good for even air distribution. An exhaust system serves to suck humid & hot air out of the tent.

What do I look for in an LED grow light?

When you’re picking an LED grow light online or at a local hydroponic store, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Quality of semiconducting chip
  • Heat emission
  • Power consumption
  • Fits in your grow space
  • Ease of use
  • Product reputation
  • Shipped locally
  • Return policy and product warranty

Taking all this into account before purchasing an LED grow light for cannabis will reward you with a better harvest in the end. Lighting is a crucial element in growing weed thus it shouldn’t be taken “lightly”.

The better your lighting, the better the photosynthesis rate in your cannabis plants. If you didn’t know, the photosynthesis rate is enhanced when there’s good lighting. So the better the light, the better we aid the plant in it’s photosynthesis process.

This leads to more vigorous, greener cannabis plants. The ViparSpectra 1000w LED grow light is a great & affordable option that beautifully meets marijuanas light requirements.


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