Nov 292019

Buy marijuana seeds in Australia

Looking to buy marijuana seeds in Australia? If you’ve been sussing out different websites and seedbanks online to purchase Marijuana seeds in Australia, you might get a little bit bombarded with all the choices. There’s…Continue Reading

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Nov 282019

Coco Coir for Growing Marijuana

Coco coir for growing marijuana is a proven, safe and effective method to cultivating any garden. It is a perfect medium if you want soil that has great aeration and is excellent in retaining and…Continue Reading

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Sep 222019

Stealth PC Grow Boxes

pc grow boxes

One of the many things that cannabis growers think about is a way to grow cannabis in complete stealth. Many have turned to grow closets but sometimes that can be too ominous to grow with.…Continue Reading

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Sep 072019

Growing Marijuana Indoors

If you have ever wanted to know a basic guideline on how to grow big indoor cannabis plants, this post is for you. Growing weed indoors isn’t as hard as you may think it would…Continue Reading

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Jul 112018

Molasses: McDonalds for Marijuana

Molasses for cannabis growing

Molasses for cannabis growing isn’t a new thing, many growers around the world have sworn by this natural substance to increase plant yield and flavour for years. It is a very versatile product that not…Continue Reading

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